Our House

Das Hippodrom

The Hippodrom was built in 1987 and expanded in 1991 when the Pavilion was built. 200 people fit in the Guestroom and 500 people can take place on the covered terrace.
From the terrace you have a beautiful view on the green oval of the Gallop-Racetrack of Cologne. At this historical place you could find the club house at the beginning of the last century. It was a meeting point for everybody around.
After the second world war the club house was replaced by the “Tea house” which was torn down in the mid 80s. Therefore the Hippodrom was built.

In the Hippodrom we offer you throughout the entire year, except for running-days, a delicious buffet for a fixed price.
As well for a fixed price we offer you certain wines (9,80 Euro per person). On Sunday evenings our pleasant house wines are included in the buffet price.

In summer you can enjoy our exquisite meals on the terrace.

Right in front of our place you can find a lot of parking space which is of course absolutely free of charge. To the next subway station it isn’t a long walk either. You can reach the station Scheibenstraße/Neußer Straße in just 5 minutes by walk.

*Before running-days we are going to inform you if your services are all available at that certain day.